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Jim and Judy Barth began their Shaklee business over 30 years ago and have achieved much success over the years building the business on a part time basis.

Jim, a businessman for 25 years left his position as President of a large agribusiness in Ohio and then joined his alma mater, Bryan College, as Vice President for Administration and has served on the administrative team at the college for 25 years. He has retired from the college with the opportunity to join Judy full time in a growing Shaklee business!

Judy has been a nutritional consultant for years helping people creating healthier lives ever since we found out about the wonderful Shaklee nutritional products.  It was these nutritional products and our experience with them not only on our health but also that of our family.  Then she found out how using the Shaklee environmentally-safe cleaning products in our home contributed to the health of our family.  It didn’t take us long to realized that Shaklee truly was a "company with a conscience."

Jim and Judy offer experienced training in how to establish an in-home business as well as in depth product training.  Judy has helped hundreds of folks learn the importance of improving the nutritional content of the food they take internally, learning the importance of what they apply to the outside of their bodies because it eventually gets absorbed into their bodies. 

As she began to read labels on the cleaning products that she had under the kitchen sink and in the bathroom she soon realized that it is vitally important to use in every nook and cranny of our home the cleaning products that are safe, especially around the little ones, powerful against even the most stubborn dirt, green for the environment, and smart on your wallet.  Shaklee can pay us this significant income because it does not pay the Madison Avenue people to develop and pay for TV  and slick magazine advertisement instead they pay us.

We would be pleased to help you reach your personal health and/or income goals. The average part-time leader in the Shaklee organization earns $30,000/year. Fulltime trainers earn upwards of $100,000.

Judy offers complimentary nutritional consulting and education to all our members and their families.
We are thankful every day for the privilege of working with Shaklee and being able to earn significant income by helping others.  We work in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation not only in our organization but throughout the Shaklee field ... in a culture of learning and happiness ... and growing and stretching ourselves.

We hope you will join us.